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Detect water leaks and infusion results
Detect water leaks and infusion results
The results of water leakage begin to appear slightly at the beginning of the leak and take the form of light spots as a result of the walls or floors being saturated with water, then the stains begin to widen to contact each other, forming a large, dark-colored spot.
The leakage of fresh water or other water on the floors and its exit from between the walls in the form of permanent dripping.
When the place becomes saturated with water, the paints begin to crack and separate from the substrate and begin to crumble and fall off.
The change in the colors of the walls, floors and ceilings as a result of the interactions between the water elements and the materials that make up the walls.
As the period of infusion increases and is not treated, layers of black and green rot begin to appear and completely deform the walls.
If there are any wooden windows, these windows are eroded after being saturated with water.
The individual notices an exaggerated increase in water consumption than usual as a result of permanent infusion of water, even if the water is not used normally.
How to solve water leakage problems
The water leak detection report is an essential thing to confront water leakage, and the more the situation is remedied and the leakage detected quickly, the more the situation is remedied, the place is fully protected and the problem solved before it exacerbates.

In the event that the leakage affects the cement outer layer of the walls, it is preferable to completely remove this layer and return this layer again.
When water leakage is detected from upper or ground water tanks, the tank must be fully inspected, and the part causing the leakage must be fixed and re-welded with a thick layer to prevent leakage.
The use of epoxy material to insulate the bodies of the tanks and make them more able to withstand water without exposure to damage or leakage.
One must resort to a water leak detection company to rely on its expertise and equipment that can expedite the complete examination and discover the location of the leak and its treatment as soon as possible.
Care must be taken to rehabilitate the infrastructure of facilities and buildings by placing thick insulation layers on floors and walls, especially bathrooms, kitchens, and places most exposed to water.
The dangers of the water leakage problem
Caution must be exercised when dealing with the problem of water leakage because of its grave dangers to installations and severe damage in general, which require early detection through a detailed water leakage detection report, so that water leakage problems are avoided, which are identified in:

Damage to walls, collapse of the outer layers of them, and the appearance of cracks and cracks in ceilings, floors and walls.
Damage to paints and the appearance of bacteria and fungi in the form of clear molds must be handled with caution, otherwise it causes many diseases through the unpleasant odors that are inhaled.
If water leaks under the floors, the buildings may collapse completely after the floors and foundation of the facility are saturated and expose it to cracks, and then the building may fall completely.
It may lead to exposure to a short circuit due to the leakage of water reaching the electrical wires and outlets, which leads to damage to the wires and leakage of electricity to the surfaces, which are the most dangerous consequences of water leakage and lead to loss of life.
The high cost that real estate owners incur as a result of water leakage if the matter is not remedied early, in addition to high water consumption and high bills.
Deprivation of individuals from obtaining adequate water due to water leakage, failure to follow the natural path, and random exit of water elsewhere.

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